Online Classes

Our online classes commence at 7am on weekdays (Mon-Fri) and run for approximately 25 minutes.

Once you join we will send you a link to our 6 Degrees South – Fitspot YouTube Channel each morning  to participate in a live streamed class. Here you can join in with the instructor and other members during the Live Stream, and you will have access to these recordings of live classes to access at any time of the day at a later date.

Mark, Stefan and Linda will bring you a range of workouts every morning. 

Each workout will be varied and take into account everyone’s fitness levels providing alternative versions of exercises for beginner, intermediate and advance levels. 

These workouts are for everybody and at every fitness level.

Our Timetable of classes are:

Monday 7am  with Stefan

Tuesday 7am with Linda

Wednesday 7am with Mark

Thursday 7am with Linda

Friday 7am with Mark

Please see our ONLINE MEMBERSHIP SIGNUP page to join our group for just $7 per week.

To cancel, simply contact us and cancellation will be processed within 5 business days.

We look forward to seeing you online 😊

If you are a member please join in by going into your Member Portal to sign up using this link, and choosing Purchase – New Membership.

Alternatively please get in touch via and we can help!




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