Club Policies & Procedures

Checking in

All members are required to present their membership card to Reception staff on each visit. Your card (or key pass) is required to ensure accurate data is processed and to prevent others from using your membership.

Usage figures provide us with essential information to enable us to manage membership numbers in the club and avoid overcrowding. One of our key strengths is that we aim to protect you from having to wait too long to use equipment.

Membership cards

Membership cards are required for entry into the club. A cost of $5 is requested for a replacement card if lost.

Suspension of Membership

Suspension forms must be completed in person at 6 Degrees South 5 business days prior to the commencement of your required suspension period.

There is a $10 charge to suspend memberships with a minimum of 2 weeks required and up to a maximum of 3 months. Any additional changes requested in your suspension will require a further $10 fee.

Retrospective dates cannot be applied.

Direct Debit Billing

Direct debit billing is obtained from either a credit card or bank account and provides a pay as you go option. This membership will have a minimum contract that is required to be fulfilled before cancellation is possible.

Your fortnightly debit dates have been selected by our commissioned billing company and will commence as per the next designated date. A pro rata payment is calculated according to the date your membership will commence.

Please note that your membership will continue until it is cancelled via our Leaver’s form available at reception. A small transaction fee is charged by the billing company along with a once off administration set up fee.

Accepted Credit Cards: Visa, MasterCard, Amex (surcharges apply).

Ending a Direct Debit Membership: At least 30 days notice is required after the term of the contract.

Once the term of your contract has been met, a Leavers form must be completed in person, signed and handed in at reception.

It is important to note that dishonour fees will be charged by the billing company where accounts have insufficient funds or where we have not been notified of expired, lost or stolen credit cards.

CANCELLATION of your Direct Debit Membership

All direct debit cancellation forms must be completed in person at 6 Degrees South via our company Leaver’s Form with minimum of 30 Days notice given. Cancellation will be accepted after the term of the contract has been fulfilled.

Cancellation forms must be submitted by 5pm on that business day to be accepted on that date.

The cut-off date and time for submission of a cancellation form prior to the next debit date is at 12pm the day before the debit is due.

The 30 days notice will take effect from the date of the last charge.

Confirmation will be sent via email.

Gym Induction

A gym induction is an important feature of your membership as it is a starting point to working toward achieving your goals. We take your health and fitness very seriously and ask that you complete a ‘Health and Readiness for Exercise’ form to enable your fitness instructor to perform your induction accurately.

  • Please turn up on time for your assessment on time
  • We ask that you advise your trainer 24 hrs in advance if there is an issue with your appointment time.
  • Appointment duration is approximately 30-45 minutes.

Personal Training

This service is offered at 6 Degrees South Health and Fitness at an additional cost and limited to club designated trainers. Please ask at Reception for availability and costs.

Locker Use

Lockers are available for use for the duration of your visit. Please note that padlocks are to be removed from the locker by the end of each day. These are a limited in numbers and should service all of our members so please consider others and vacate the locker at your earliest convenience.

Members are required to supply their own padlock.

Group Fitness Classes

Bookings may be required for popular classes.

Due to the limited places, it is requested that members call and book a place for the (evening) Spin cycle classes on the day of the class.

Workout towels are required at every class.

All weights and mats are to be replaced in the racks or spaces provided.

Participants must remain in the class for cool down exercises.

Those participating in Spin Cycle classes are asked to bring along a water bottle.

We will endeavour to provide both a varied and comprehensive timetable to best serve the needs of our members and may incur some changes from time to time.

6 Degrees South reserves the right to alter class type, instructors and cancel classes where necessary if the class is no longer considered viable.


Please consider fellow members and be mindful of time spent on each piece of equipment.

All members are required to:

  • Bring a workout towel to each visit.
  • Wipe down any perspiration left on equipment
  • Place a towel on each piece of equipment during use & also on mats and fit balls
  • Remove weights from equipment after use and replace weights on racks when finished
  • Replace mats and balls to where you found them
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear
  • Report any equipment faults to staff and do not attempt to fix yourself.

Personal Hygiene

As a courtesy to other members a high standard of personal hygiene should be followed – please bring a towel and utilise a good anti-perspirant if necessary. Appropriate clean clothing and footwear must be worn for the duration of your visit.

Age Limit

Persons must be 16 years and over to use the facilities at 6 Degrees South Health and Fitness. For safety reasons we do not allow children under 16 years of age to stay in the gym whilst parents work out.

Joining Fee

This is paid once only unless membership lapses. A new fee will be charged once the membership expires.


Memberships are non refundable although we allow ‘Paid in Full’ memberships to be transferred to another person for a fee of $50.

This can only be transferred to somebody new to the club and the onus is on the member to find the person and not the staff at 6 Degrees South Health and Fitness.

16 Day Money Back Guarantee

At 6 Degrees South Health and Fitness Club we are confident that you will find our service and facilities to be of a worthy standard. If Paid in Full then we happily offer a money back guarantee if you feel you would like to exit your membership within the first 16 days. Alternatively we can cancel your Direct Debit membership without the 30 days notice if within the 16 day cooling off period.

Closing Time

Members are asked to finish their workout approximately 15 minutes before close to allow enough time to shower and leave on time.

Property Liability

Please note that any property left on the premises is at the owner’s risk. Lockers and other security measures should not be regarded as ultimately safe. Staff will endeavour to take all necessary precautions to ensure your property is safe, however there will remain some element of risk.

Opening Hours

Mon-Thursday 6.00am – 9.30pm, Fri 6.00am – 8.00pm, Sat 8.00am – 6.00pm, Sun 8.00am – 6.00pm

Public Holidays 8.00am – 2.00pm (Group Fitness classes may be cancelled on these days)


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