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Welcome to the 6 Degrees South blog. Yes, it’s a thing now… officially.

Health and fitness has so many aspects, it’s not just physical, it’s mental, psychological and – for some – damn right spiritual. Getting healthy and fit when you’re not can change everything. I hope you will find motivation, inspiration and issues worth further discussion on this page.

We will share these articles on social media so make sure to follow the 6 Degrees South Facebook and Instagram pages to comment or make suggestions for subject suggestions.

Most will be written by the 6DS team. But we hope to persuade guest posts so you get a range of unique perspectives on fitness so watch this space!

I’m sitting at the front desk right now and I’ll tell you what I’ve noticed. The year started slow but engines are revving. Members are coming in and there’s that energy, a determination like the kind that comes with a New Year.

Aren’t beginnings the best! There’s nothing to regret yet, only opportunities ahead. After a break away, getting back to the gym can feel good. Hello Mojo! Where the hell did you disappear to those last few months of 2018?

So how are YOU? Have you recovered after the chaos of the end of a year, the festive season, the slow down and start of a new year and the sense of everything starting up again?

If the answers to these questions are uncertain make sure to catch our first official post on motivation next week.

Chat soon!


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