Dear Lilly,

I would be delighted to add to your testimonials after continuing to be a member of your gymnasium for so many years. So many years in fact, I have lost count, but holding a three digit member ID says it all!

After reading what others said in the testimonials, I cannot agree with more. To summarise that, It is a pleasant experience anytime you walk in the door.

This is the gym anyone can walk in to and find you are not conscious about yourself.
Other members are friendly and not only provide great conversation, but are also helpful and willing to share their fitness experiences and ideas with you. They do no not attend to show off and you will quickly find they have the same goals as you do.

The staff are always ready to give you professional advice and help you find your way. Furthermore they too are fun to talk to and always give you their time.

These things are what I feel makes this gym special and hard to find elsewhere.

The gym is homely and has all the facilities one would need to carry out a personal development program.

Also, the rates are great too!

Thank you for providing such a great service to the community. It is a service which has become an important part of my life and no doubt, many others.

Keep up the great work there!

John Holbrook.

I am pleased to provide this testimonial, in my capacity as a long term member of 6 Degrees South, my membership having commenced in 1999. When I reflect on these years, there are many reasons why I am keen to maintain my membership:

From the moment I enter the gym, I am wooed by the warm and friendly atmosphere generated by management and staff. It is hard to find a like environment in any of the large commercially minded gymnasiums.
The gym is light, well ventilated and equipped with state-of-the-art weight and exercise machines.
I am by nature a little self conscious about my body image. Yet your top team of trainers, including personal trainers have not only assisted me in defining my realistic goals, but more importantly in achieving them. As a by product, I have been able to remove unwanted calories and maintain an acceptable body weight.
The gym is never overcrowded, and fellow users are cheerful and friendly. Everyone is made to feel welcome and special.
In short, 6 Degrees South is the ideal place for me to switch off from worldly concerns and focus on personal development.

Thank you for all your help and support over the years and keep up the great work, Lilly!

Harry Grossman

Everytime I workout at 6 Degrees South I get satisfaction from the staff and from their clients of a great environment for your body, mind and soul.

It’s both modern and homely, and you can workout in peace or mingle with your friends and have fun. It also has big screen TV’s that mainly play a variety of the latest music video clips to further inspire your routine while you are there. The staff have great attitudes including the Personal trainers, they always greet you and say goodbye, which creates such a pleasant way at the gym.

You can get a quick workout or a longer workout completed with assistance at hand at anytime, even if you need advice in the area of nutrition, which is a great factor in a healthy way of being, they even have a nutritionist available, or by simply speaking to a personal trainer, they will give you the advice you need without making you feel like you are wasting their time. I have also taken part in many of the workout routines that they have put together for me and they have been run by inspirational and professional instructors including the owner, Lilly – but be careful, she will make you work hard!

I have been at this gym for over four years now and I am going to keep at it for the future because all in all, it’s a lifestyle that I truly enjoy and I love 6 Degrees South.

David Zammit

“If you are looking for a boutique-style gym with professional, friendly, personalised service, then this gym is for you!! The highly motivated and supportive team members at 6 degrees south are second to none!”

Alison Stewart

What I love about this club is the fact that I can come in and train at any time of the day and find it relatively uncrowded. That’s important when your busy and you dont have time to waste at they gym waiting for the equipment you want to use. I know it sounds like a small thing but it makes a big difference to me.

The program and training support I get from the staff is also great, I really do feel comfortable enough to approach any of the staff members for whatever help I may need.

Keep up the great work everyone

Natalie Smith