Start Up Session

Your Start-Up session is where we take all of the pre-activity information that we gather and put it into practice for you.

Throughout this session you will be taken though each exercise on your new program. We will ensure that you perform each exercise correctly, this is important for many reasons however most importantly, to ensure injury prevention and to demonstrate the correct intensity that needs to be used by you when performing each exercise.

Going through the motions on your program day to day will limit your improvements, its important that you understand how hard you should be working and at what stage you will need to increase intensity throughout each program. Maximum training results will be achieved this way.

Once you reach your goal, it is important to establish a series of maintenance programs for you as well. So you can see, its actually a lifestyle and not a fad! We look forward to working with you in the future & remember to download your free copy of “Looking Good & Feeling Great” your total guide to health & fitness.