At 6 Degrees South, we adopt a broad approach to nutrition education. We design nutrition interventions to help individuals achieve their goals. In doing so, we consider professional, social and personal factors as they influence eating and exercise behaviour. We understand that individuals are unique and seek nutrition guidance for a variety of reasons. However, we have identified some common reasons for why our members and guests obtain nutrition advice.

These include:

1. Weight Loss
We consider the role of exercise and dietary intervention in promoting weight loss. Body fat skin folds and girth measurements may be used as tools to monitor personal progress. We design and recommend sensible weight loss strategies and teach our clients the parameters of healthy weight loss. This helps our clients to set realistic and achievable goals.

2. Exercise performance
With expertise in Sports Nutrition, we develop nutrition plans to help athletes and recreational exercisers get the most out of their sports .

3. Shopping and Food Organisation Skills
We provide advice on making the best choices when shopping for food,
together with menu planning and food organisation skills.
4. Health Related Issues
We provide dietary intervention and management advice on lifestyle related health conditions, such as dietary management of:
1) high blood pressure; 2) high blood cholesterol; 3) iron deficiency anemia.

There are many benefits associated with improved nutrition status, so if you think your personal nutrition may be improved, our 6 Degrees South nutrition service is available. You can also download our e-book for further information on eating for exercise.