Group Fitness


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We are excited to introduce Small Group Training to our timetable.





- Performance Plus consists of ‘Small Group Personal Training’ sessions  to get a more personalised approach to your workout with accelerated results.
- Intensity of exercises are tailored to the members of the group.
- Any injuries or ailments of the participants are taken into account during the workout routine with expert guidance.
- This is NOT a choreographed generalised routine but a personally crafted intense workout
- No more than 8 people in each session which means that our Personal Trainers can ensure that each member is performing each exercise with optimum precision.
- You will get the most out of your half hour session.
- You choose which times suit you the best
- For just $15/week you will have unlimited access to the Performance Plus timetable (Just make sure that you book 24 hrs in advance)






All Group Fitness classes are free for our members!

We offer a number of exciting group fitness classes per week with some amazing and motivating instructors that will guarantee you a great work out and lots of fun!

Please call us on 9528 1024 if you would like further information or to book for spin classes.

BODYPUMP is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. This 60-minute workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls.

Guts and Butts – As the name says, this class is all about working your belly and bottom! Get tight buns and core. This class is low impact, high intensity. A combination of styles including aerobics, sculpt and step will ensure you get a great workout.

Grit Strength – A 30 minute high intensity interval training session. This team training session will get you super fit, super fast. Your GRIT Strength coach will push you to your limits and in this session failure is success!

Spin – A dynamic and challenging cycling class to fast track your fitness and burn those excess calories. Work as hard as you want in this class – great for both beginner as well as advanced levels.

Results A trio of Hi & Low impact moves, Step, and Body Toning using weights. A varied and vigorous class that offers a complete workout. This hour will fly!

Yoga – A mind and body experience, where you will learn traditional yoga techniques that will help improve flexibility & strength while relaxing your mind.