Our Services

At 6 Degrees South

we are all about providing an all inclusive service for our members ensuring that members can access Health & Fintess evaluations and regular program reviews at not extra cost to them.

This is great for so many reasons.Our clients have a structured program for them to complete upon entering the club.This program has been designed with their health and fitness goals in mind so there is no time wasted and more importantly our members are more educated about what they need to do and at what level of intensity to achieve their specific goal.

We also offer a range of classes for our members to participate in and our group fitness timetable is available for you to download. We encourage our members to try a variety of different classes to keep them motivated and interested in their training.

6 Week Challenge (bootcamp) you are after then we have you covered there as well. What about a Personal Trainer? 6 Degrees South offers you a wide variety of highly qualified, motivated and inspirational trainers who will work with you on a one on one basis untill your personal goals are achived.

For all of your health needs our members receive special discounts to not only the above services but also on Massage Osteopathy & nutrition/dietitian. You can also download our e-book on “Looking Good & Feeling Great” your total health and fitness resource.

See you at the gym!